Ad-a-mas [ad-uh-muhs]

A brokerage whose time has come…

The name Adamas is the Greek word for invincible and unconquerable. It is also the Latin word for diamond. Our name is a reflection of a diamond’s great resiliency and source of prosperity.

Mission Statement

Adamas Realty is a real estate brokerage that believes real estate Agents are the heart and soul of the real estate industry, the brokerage is not.

The Adamas Vision

Adamas Realty has reduced or eliminated many of the direct and indirect costs associated with the traditional real estate business model. This provides a higher financial return to the Agent. Adamas provides “best-in-class” tools, support structure and systems for Agents to deliver a better service experience to their clients. Our unmatched focus on value serves our Agents and their clients in any real estate market.

Why Adamas Realty

Adamas Realty believes that Real Estate Agents are the backbone of the industry, not the real estate brokerage. Consumers require expertise to facilitate real estate transactions. Agents have market information that buyers and sellers depend on to make informed decisions that meet their needs. It is the Real Estate Agent who utilizes expertise to analyze and deliver market information not the brokerage. That’s why Adamas promotes and supports the Agent, not the company. Adamas believes that Agents need best in class systems and tools to compete and win in today’s market. Adamas knows that Agents can use more help in implementing these tools and systems. Adamas ensures that Agents keep more of their hard-earned commissions. Adamas Realty is about the Agent. The Agent is our greatest customer. With innovative technology, Adamas Concierge, an industry leading compensation plan and an entire suite of real estate business tools, Adamas can change your business and ultimately change your life!